The many forms of ‘mass hypnosis’ and now to navigate them

Race consciousness is a real thing.  It is the collective consciousness of all human beings on the planet, and it makes a difference to all our lives (more on why later).  Unfortunately for some time, it has been very biased towards negativity.

At the most basic level it has been influenced by the traditional news media, which is extremely biased towards ‘bad news’.  This has been going on for many years through print and radio, and it especially took hold in our psyches with the arrival of television into our homes in the 1950s and onwards.

This phenomenon has taken such a hold of society, that for most people there is an assumption that most news = bad news, without ever questioning this.  And, even more worryingly, there is an assumption and probably a conviction for many, that all of the ‘news’ that we are exposed to is accurate; with many assuming that ‘propaganda’ is a phenomenon of the past or of some less-developed countries, and that it could not happen in the Western World today.  These assumptions leave people, the collective consciousness, extremely vulnerable to brainwashing on a mass scale.  Up until recently people have not thought to question what is being presented to them, but this is now changing.

Now we have arrived in the ‘future’ so to speak, 2015… a time when, back in the 70s and 80s we imagined hover cars, advanced space travel, all of us in all white robes or tight white ‘oneseys’  🙂  The idea of it being a fascinating time hasn’t been a disappointment though; because what we didn’t get in terms of hover cars, we got much more in terms of communication and information.  To think that all the information known to man is available on our phones, that we carry in our pockets, and that we can instantly send a message, photo or video, in multiple forms to anyone in the world, is truly gobsmacking.  Certainly ‘80s me’ would have been blown away had I been told about it.

The world is far more connected now, information is zapping around at phenomenal rates, massive amounts of memory storage is going up into ‘Clouds’, and while this is happening, it is no coincidence that a shift in consciousness is also happening at the same time.  People are starting to question the traditional media and are sharing information and viewpoints.  Things that are happening in the world that previously went unnoticed are now getting noticed, and people are engaging in debates and discussions all over the globe through social media.  Online petitions, social discussions, organisation of protests or in some unique circumstances outright revolutions (or so we’re told) have all taken place thanks to social media.

However with the shift in consciousness, and this new way of information sharing, comes the possibility that the same principals of ‘brainwashing’ that may have filtered through the traditional media, may also filter through social media.

Why would anybody want to do that?

That’s a question that would need much more than a blog to answer comprehensively, and of course, I don’t have all the answers; but I’ll tell you what I’ve learnt and have experienced myself.

The collective consciousness is a collection of all of our sub-conscious minds.  One of my favourite teachers, Carole Dore, refers to it as the 4th dimension, with the physical world we see around us being the 3rd dimension.  This place, the sub-conscious, is where we create our realities, our next experiences in life.  Those who are actively learning the law of attraction and other laws of the Universe are learning to harness this power and use it for themselves, i.e. deliberately creating their lives rather than doing so passively.  Whether you are deliberately creating your life, or whether you are creating by default, you are using this sub-conscious mind to create your next experiences.  That is how powerful we are, the physical world is an image – we are the projectors.

Needless to say, if you are tapped into the collective consciousness on a consistent basis, the negativity from the media is going to influence your mind and therefore your life experiences.

Beyond the sub-conscious there is the life-force energy that makes all life happen and work perfectly; the 5th dimension, God or The Universe if you will.  And this power can be accessed and used to create your highest idea of your life experience.  It is who we really are!  When harnessed it can give massive power to the images you have placed in your subconscious, which can then create an ultimate 3rd dimensional experience.  Heaven on earth.  This power lives deeply in the present moment, can be accessed through our hearts; but when we are distracted by obsessing about the past and the future, and also by the collective consciousness-  it is far more difficult to access.

Once we access that power, we are invincible, completely in our full power, and can create the life of our dreams, the life we were meant to live.  We become immune to negativity, and immune to the collective consciousness; or another way of putting it – ‘we get out of the matrix’ Neo style!  🙂  This power, which is nature, lies in wait for you.  It is blissful, peaceful, feels equal to all, and utterly powerful and joyous.

Aside from traditional news media, traditional organised religion was another way to keep us controlled and distracted enough that we would forget and not rediscover our true power.  But as people shift in consciousness there are more sophisticated distractions there to keep us busy!

New-age hierarchal spirituality; learning about ‘the illuminati’; vaccinations & chemtrails;  learning about the corporations that are ‘controlling’ the planet; the benefits of hemp; the ‘truth’ about big pharma… whatever the discussion or proposition that is being put to you (and I’m not saying whether they are true or not true, because how would I know unless I saw something with my own eyes, same as the traditional news media?)  – it is all well and good to learn about these things, and to see this perspective, in fact I think it is very likely that you will become aware of them as you raise your consciousness…  however, awareness is one thing, but if you get stuck there, you could be still under the exact same ‘mass-hypnosis’ as those who are glued to television every night and believe everything they’re told about the world.  In short, you will stay vibrating at a lower frequency and not the high vibe you are working towards as you do the consciousness work.

Very convincing celebrities may seem to be telling you what you’ve come to see for yourself, and therefore they are believable when they are calling for a ‘revolution’.  YouTube videos telling you about the Illuminati, and that we are being controlled by reptiles, with very damning evidence in their favour.  They all seem to be on our side.  But there is one truth that I do know for sure….  If they’re not telling you how to access your own power, if they’re not telling you THE SOLUTION, and that actually you have nothing (and I mean ZERO) to fear; and that in fact fear is a complete ILLUSION, then they are more of the same – 4th dimensional mass hypnosis, designed to keep you distracted and away from your power.

Why, I don’t know.  I don’t see why any corporations would want to do this if they know about this power, as they’d just use it for themselves, they’d know that abundance is actually unlimited, and knowing this would make them automatically be in oneness and love and therefore make conscious choices.  Whether it is 4th dimensional reptiles, or whether we are in a video game and these distractions are just the challenges or ‘gatekeepers’ at the higher levels 🙂 I’ve no idea.  My bet is we’re creating it ourselves, because that’s how powerful we are.  We are playing a weird game of separation that we’ve gotten stuck in.  But who or what is irrelevant.  Reclaiming our power and our oneness is the point.

I’m not suggesting that this ‘coming together’ that is happening online, and this sharing of information, is a bad thing.  Negativity absolutely has to come to the surface to clear.  But after that it’s a matter of – ‘do we dwell on this or get past this?’.  If you could see the collective as a single human being raising his or her consciousness – yes the bad stuff has to come up to clear, but, then it’s a matter of whether you decide to dwell on it for the rest of your life or let it go.

Sure, as you raise your vibe, you see more clearly the media, the corporations, the control.  But the name of the game ultimately is to raise your consciousness to love, keep going up, help where called upon, share information when you see fit, but keep the 5th dimension as the prize and keep your eye on that, and love, above all else.  The more people that do that, the more that they will exponentially effect those around them, and soon, the tipping point will be reached and the 5th dimensional world, that lies in waiting (and never really left), will awaken in us all.

And that is what the media, or the ‘mass-hypnosis’, does not want to happen.

So how do we do this?

Well this blog is aimed at people who are already actively raising their consciousness, but if you’re not, then I would recommend teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Carole Dore, Neale Donald Walsch, Deepak Chopra, Don Miguel Ruiz, and there are many more.  Healing modalities such as Reiki or Qi Gong are great (but just avoid New Age stuff where you are being encourage to give your power away to hierarchies).  And of course, meditation.

Other than that, turn off the news, period.  And be far more discerning about what you like, comment and share on your Newsfeed or re-tweet on Twitter etc., because you will receive more of the same in your feed.  Help when you see fit, sign a petition etc. by all means, but limit it down, and utterly turn away from posts that just want to complain about the billionaires and the unfairness of life.  And give up the rant!  Stop judging everything as bad or good.  Stop judging wealth.  Stop making yourself a victim and small – you’re telling a big lie when you do this, and you are not serving your or the collective purposes.   Whether the information is right or wrong, these posts serve nothing but to keep people in mass hypnosis, the collective negativity and will ultimately change nothing.

And if the conspiracies are to be believed, then somebody, somewhere knows this very well.

Giving the example of lovely Cecil the lion who was murdered for sport by an American dentist.  A couple of years ago I would have posted multiple posts, and being up-in-arms about the ‘awful’ man who did this.  I would have vilified him and joined in the outrage.  Instead I posted one piece of information about a petition to airlines to stop carrying the trophies that these hunters collect.  Do that.  Help the garbage to clear, but stop feeding it.  Of course a level of disgust and outrage will help a situation, but there are plenty who will do that anyway, somebody else has to rise above these things and keep the game and the planet’s vibration moving upwards, if everyone else is to have any chance.  Protest and anger are a vibrational step up from weak acceptance, but love and oneness are a huge step up again; the world requires love and that 5th dimensional connection, more than anything else!

What you give your most attention to, becomes your reality.  What you are giving to other peoples’ attention, does the same for them.  This is a responsibility.

Think on!

Thanks for reading, please feel free to follow, share and comment,

NS Mooney


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