Attachment & Detachment – How to Keep the “Attachment Monster” at Bay

When learning to consciously use the Law of Attraction, every teacher tells us that in order to manifest our desires, we must eliminate attachment.  This is difficult, certainly I have found it challenging at times.  If you lack something important in your life, such as money, or recovery from an illness, how do you become detached when you are in need?

When we are on a very high vibration, detachment happens naturally, but not everyone is spending 24/7 in complete alignment to Source, or not yet anyway 🙂 so how do we deal with attachment when we’re not high vibe?

Until recently I had never found a satisfactory explanation of ‘attachment’ until I started to study Deepak Chopra’s 7 Spiritual Laws of Success, and finally it clicked into place for me.

I understood and had experiential awareness that we are all one and all things, not separate, that we are the Universe or God in a microcosm, but still I couldn’t shake off attachment consistently.  I did grasp that even though we are one with all of life and all things, of course we are much more powerful than the physical energy of material objects.  But what I didn’t understand is that the material things are symbols.  Money, cars, homes etc. are symbols of wealth, we are the actual wealth.  For me hearing them described as symbols, released my attachment to all my desires and needs, and made me understand my power better.   I then understood that I had made my desires, needs and intentions my Gods, and given my power away to them. Thinking of them as symbols helped me to take it back.

I see the Universe now as my extended body, or my extended mind; and the physical objects, money, ideas, experiences and even relationships, are the reflections of my current inner state of being.  They are all constantly serving me to reflect my inner consciousness back to me.  Once I hold steady in my knowingness that I am the true power, then I can be served exactly as I wish, provided I am following the 7 spiritual laws correctly.

Next is the beliefs or the ‘fixed positions’ that we become attached to.  Even if they seem to be in alignment with the laws of the Universe, they too can become blocks to our success in manifesting our intentions and desires.

Jarrad Hewett channels this point perfectly in his book “The Gospel of You”….  that making anything your “God” no matter how righteous it seems, can cause a block.

For example, believing you must work hard for a living, in a traditional job, is a very obvious “fixed position” that is not necessarily true.  But then, discovering that it doesn’t have to be that way and refusing to work in the traditional way, while under financial pressure; that can become a false ‘God’ and therefore create a block.  That does not mean you need to change your mind back to the old belief, but it just gives you the opportunity to understand that the beliefs are not the God – YOU are.  I have had this issue, but to counter it, I did regularly apply for jobs that may have suited me for a while.  Even though it was not my ideal way of earning a living, and the Universe knew that, I strived to ensure that I was open to anything, and not just the sources I would prefer.  If it’s not right for you and your intentions, you won’t get the job anyway!  Applying for jobs, along with taking other steps and being open to anything, helped me to know that I wasn’t being too constrictive and that made my energy more fluid.

Attachment to any fixed position means you have given it your power.  The quantum field is infinite and unbounded and cannot work to the best of it’s ability if you, the only true God of your life, are not open to the unlimited possibilities that it has to offer.  Being fully open to this field is vital if the creative process is to work properly.

But then this brings up the question of “action”.  How do you take action if you are not to be fixed in any point of view?  How do you know what is the right direction? I think two things I’ve learnt have helped me to understand this.  Firstly we know that a central component of manifesting is to take action, however that does not mean you become attached to that action being the definite source of your desire.  The action is vital, but it is a mechanical component of making the law work; the result may come from elsewhere.  I have taken direct action towards various sums of money a number of times and then received the exact same sum from another source (and sometimes received it from the source I went towards too).  Secondly, correct action is something that is meant to spring up from within, feel empowering, enjoyable, you lose track of time and could do it forever.  I could have weeks where I feel no inspiration and then do a week’s work in one day.  That day’s work, aligned action, is like sewing a seed.  The next step will then spring up when it is ready.

On the other hand, if you do want something to come from a particular source, I have found that you can ask the Universe for that source, such as meeting a specific person to help you with a project, as long as you affirm that you are open to another way if that way is not right.  And I have often then received the answer exactly as I imagined.

Energy needs to flow in order to flow, that’s the catch.  The last time I was working in a job, I was earning good money after a considerable spell of financial crisis.  I repeatedly affirmed from that more comfortable plateau that I loved money and money loved me, money flows effortlessly in my life, and I handle money powerfully.  I affirmed the 5 or 6 steps I was taking to make money (including the lottery!), but I also affirmed that I was open to the infinite ways that money could flow through me.  I had my biggest lottery win that year (so far 🙂 ) a nice 4 figure sum.  I had affirmed that ‘way’ but I had also said I was open to other ways.

The Universe just  needs ‘wiggle room’.

So to summarise this.  I think you define and affirm your intentions, take as many steps as you can see and affirm that you are doing them, affirm also that you are open to the infinite other ways, but you must really own that and you must own your power.  Doing whatever vibrational processes, courses etc that come along on your path and really doing the work is the key component to understanding and owning your true power.  If you need more courses or processes to be able to match your intentions, the universe will bring them to you and they too are part of the action process, they are a step just as much as any physical steps you take.  Then, from this plateau, you will suddenly find yourself in inspired action, the flow – where you forget time, forget to eat and even don’t want to get up from your chair to pee 🙂  and then you know you’re on the right road!!

Finally, in the 7 Spiritual Laws, I learnt the thing that totally set me free.  To be fully in the creative process of the Universe, without any attachments and limitations, is to be completely secure in uncertainty.  Uncertainty is the key component of the creative process, and when you can look it directly in the face and know you’re exactly where you’re meant to be, with no resistance, you have got it!  For most they believe uncertainty is negative and they search for security – feeling very insecure.  This creates attachment.  If you are working the process correctly, expect uncertainty and revel in it – the Universe then has the freedom to blow you away!!

We are eternally being served by life, it cannot ever do anything but serve, and it will always give us exactly what we put out.  If we give our power away to anything, any material object, any belief, any “how”, then we block our life stream and our intentions.  You say “I give this my power” and the Universe says “OK”.   When we understand that we are the only power and cause of all things in our life, of all of life, and take hold of that incredible internal power, we can rise above all attachment and engage fully with the creative process of the Universe..  limitless, infinite and unbounded.

Being fully aligned to your Source and in synchronicity eliminates attachment automatically, but for me, when I’m not in the highest vibration I could be, making sense of these things keeps the  ‘Attachment Monster’ at bay.

Hope this helps, feel free to comment and share!


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