The Law Of Polarity

Why understanding the Law of Polarity is critical to your understanding of the Law of Attraction

Most people are familiar with the Law of Attraction, and many, like me, when they first discover this, find it to be somewhat of a “calling” to create a new life and a new way of being, as a deliberate creator. This takes you on a journey of an awakening, and you experience a clearing process of old limiting beliefs, and also emotional baggage, all of which can be quite the journey!

However, there is a problem with this that many are not aware of.  And that is that they don’t understand an absolutely critical piece of information.  And that is the “Law of Polarity”. Like the Law of Attraction (LOA), the Law of Polarity (LOP), is a universal law that works constantly, whether you’re aware of it or not.  Universal laws cannot be broken; have you ever seen the Law of Gravity not work on Earth?  Of course not.  An apple will always fall down from a tree.  The universal principles are no different.

There are three key pieces to a full understanding of how the LOP works, and when you get a grip of them, it is at that point that miracles can occur and you can truly become a powerful deliberate creator.

1. We didn’t come here to be perfect The LOP is at the very core of the creation process, and it is quite simply what we came here to experience.  Being perfect Source energy, where we originate from, is like being in perfection, but, if you are in perfection, how do you know that if you don’t experience imperfection?  Similarly could you know it was warm if you have never experienced cold?  Could you really enjoy happy if you didn’t experience sad?  And so forth.  To take it to a deeper level, can existence know existence without experiencing itself?  And how could it experience itself without experiencing both “is” and “is not”?

Quantum physics understands that scientifically the creation process can be instant, and that the experience of time and a process of creation is an illusion- everything really happens simultaneously.  But we here on Earth live in, create in and experience, a process of time and individual steps, in order to make things happen. Wherever we come from and why, it is certain that we come to understand the creation process and the polarities that exist within all spectrums of life. So for sure we didn’t come to just sit on a beach sipping Bellinis and bask in our own glory.  We came here for life with all it’s ups and downs.

2. Everything is happening to bring you to your highest good.  Unfortunately, not everyone in life gets to the point of living their absolute best, highest, most amazing life.  However they are meant to and life is always pointing them in that direction.  They just don’t know that. Assuming you’ve gotten on board with the LOA and are now trying to deliberately create your ideal life, understanding this about the LOP will make it a much easier ride.

Energy moves in mysterious ways.  When you decide to align yourself to a much higher idea of how you would like your life to look, and go through all the processes that come with it, the Universe will immediately conspire to bring the experiences you want, to you.  However the way it does this will usually require you to move through uncomfortable experiences first.  Most importantly; because you are now working from your own heart and your own power, external sources of security may leave your life.  It could be a job or a relationship, anything that is not in line with this ‘new’ (not really new 🙂 ) internal power that you are accessing.  The closer to your goals that you get, the seemingly “worse” your external world can look, because you are being called to fully access your own power and nothing external.  Hence the expression “darkest before the dawn”.

Similarly, if you are aiming ‘big’ with your dreams, you may firstly be brought way down in order to go back up.  The energy has to rearrange itself in order to create this much bigger version of you. How you react to this is everything!  If you look at the situation and decide “it’s not working” and go into panic and fear, you will then unfortunately cause the LOA to begin to replicate “it’s not working” and you can get very stuck! Another reaction that people have is to think they are being taught a lesson or receiving karma or punishment for doing something wrong.  And that will again cause LOA to give you more of the same. We do for sure go through a clearing process, and that is part of the experience, but we are not being taught any lessons for any form of “wrong’ that we feel we did in our lives.  ‘Clearing’ is just a removal of stuck energy that might be blocking you from your highest version of you.  For example guilt, shame, anger, limiting beliefs etc. There is no judgement involved whatsoever.

3.  You can use the LOP to your advantage by understanding this key component.  When you set your intentions and then experience something that appears ‘negative’, this means that your intention is working.  The ‘negative’ experience is part of the process and therefore it is not negative at all.  If you can look the situation in the face, keep a high vibration and put nothing but positive feelings into it, it can then turn into a positive situation and very fast.  There is a science behind this and it is 100% reliable.

This happened to me recently.  I really needed someone to pay me money due to me a day or two early, but they absolutely refused to do so until they received their monthly salary.  Even though I really needed this for something and it was urgent, I refused to panic and deliberately used my methods to keep my vibration as high as possible.  By midday on the day before it was originally due, but the day I really needed it, that person contacted me to tell me their entire company had been paid their salaries a day early, and nobody knew why!  The payment was then transferred into my bank account account straight away.  I had put the highest positive vibration I could, into a seemingly negative experience, and created quite the miracle!

The Law of Polarity is critical information and once understood can make your life fun, fearless and miraculous.  And remember, the further ‘down’ you appear to go, the higher you will go up.  If the ‘down’ experience seems to persist for a long time, even though you are aware of the law and applying these tips, then something very big is coming!  If you find deep emotional stuff is coming up as well, and old hurts – even better!  Let them come through, they may be uncomfortable but keep doing your very best to be aware that this is all happening because you set a great intention, better to get the old stuff out than it be inside poisoning your life experience without you even knowing it is there; and keep looking life in the face knowing that your power has created this experience and it is always working towards your highest good. In short.  Judge nothing as bad, it is always directing you to good, it is just simply a universal law doing what it has to do – and there are no exceptions to this law, same as the Law of Attraction.

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